1845  — 1904

Louis Piazzoli

Second vicar apostolic of Hong Kong Catholic Church (1895-1904).

Born in Alzano, Italy. Piazzoli first pioneered missions in the mainland section of the Hong Kong Catholic Vicariate and was later a very pastoral and zealous bishop. He joined the Lombardy Seminary for Foreign Missions (later, the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) in 1868 and arrived in Hong Kong in 1869. He worked first in Chinese inland areas, which, with the central residence at Saikung, covered Po On, Kwai Hsin (later Waiyeung), and Hoi Fung Districts of Guangdong Province. Always on the move from village to village, he consistently showed concern and care for his people.

Piazzoli was recalled to work in the urban area in 1892, where his zeal won him the admiration of the whole community, especially during the outburst of the plague in 1894.

After the death of T. Raimondi, he was appointed by the holy see as vicar apostolic of Hong Kong on 11 Jan 1895 and consecrated bishop the following 19 May. He was a vigilant and understanding pastor, taking care of his administrative and pastoral duties with diligence. Many, including government officials, sought his opinions in various matters. Because of the serious deterioration of his health, he left Hong Kong in Aug 1904, with the hope that his native air could be of some help. However, he died not long after his arrival in Italy.


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