1824  — 1907

Robert Samuel Maclay

American Methodist missionary in China and Japan.

Born in Concord, Pennsylvania, Maclay graduated from Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in 1846.

He arrived in China in 1848 and was secretary, superintendent, and treasurer for Methodist missions in China from 1852 to 1872. In 1861 he wrote Life among the Chinese. He also helped translate the Bible into Min.

In 1872 he was appointed superintendent of Methodist work in Japan. He was also asked to study the possibilities for beginning Methodist work in Korea, and in June 1884, he arrived in Seoul to make a survey. He was subsequently appointed the first superintendent of the work in Korea, working from Japan.

Much as he wanted to begin the work in Korea himself, this fell to Henry Appenzeller and William Scranton, who arrived in Japan with their wives in March 1885. Within a month—-on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1885—-Henry and Ella Appenzeller arrived in Juchon, the first Methodist missionaries in Korea. Maclay returned to the United States in 1887; he is buried in Los Angeles, California.


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