1804  — 1866

Anthony Feliciani

Second prefect apostolic of the Hong Kong Catholic Church (1843-47 and 1850-55).

Born in Marano, Italy. Feliciani was one of the pioneers of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong. He led the church out of the many troubles caused by the rather unsettled and confused situation of Hong Kong, as well as diligently coordinated the mission work in China.

Feliciani joined the Order of the Friars Minor (Franciscans) in 1823 and was sent to Macau in 1833. He came to Hong Kong with T. Joset from Macau in Mar 1842 and was appointed procurator of the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (see Propaganda Fide) and prefect of Hong Kong on 11 Dec 1842. In Oct 1847 he handed the responsibility of the prefecture to Augustin Forcade. Forcade resigned in Aug 1850, and Feliciani took back the post until 20 Jun 1855, when, under his insistent request to be allowed to go to work on the Chinese mainland, the holy see accepted his resignation.

Feliciani left Hong Kong in Oct 1856 and went to work first in Shandong (1856-59) and then in Shanxi (Hukwang), where he was appointed vicar general and later died, having lived a life of tireless service.


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