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Yaballah III

1244 ~ 1317

Patriarch of the East Syrian Church.

Affiliation: East Syrian Church  |  Locale: Beijing

Yan Fuqing

1882 ~ 1970

Prominent Chinese doctor and educator

Affiliations: Yale-in-China Mission, Peking Union Medical College  |  Locales: Shanghai, ChangshaBeijing

Yan Huiqing

1877 ~ 1950

Distinguished civil servant under many Chinese governments over several decades.

Affiliation: Chinese Government  |  Locales: Beijing, Shanghai

Yan Yongjing

1838 ~ 1898

Chinese translator, professor, social reformer, and pastor who was instrumental in the founding of Central China University and St. John's College.

Affiliation: American Episcopal Church Mission  |  Locales: Shanghai, Hubei

Alice Huie Yan

1895 ~ 1980

Housewife, educator.

Locales: Hebei, United States

Yan Yangchu

1893 ~ 1990

Yan, a Yale graduate who pioneered urban literacy training through the Mass Education Movement, also began a rural reconstruction model program and college.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locales: Hebei, PhilippinesUnited States

Yan Yongjing

1838 ~ 1898

Chinese Episcopalian professor, pastor, and translator.

Affiliation: Chinese Anglican Church  |  Locale: Shanghai, Hubei

Yang Chongrui

1891 ~ 1983

A pioneer in modern OB-GYN medicine

Affiliation: Peking Union Medical College  |  Locale: Beijing

Yang Qing

Dates unkown

The first Chinese pastor of the Baptist church in China, pioneer and foundation-layer.

Affiliation: American Southern Baptist Mission  |  Locales: Macao, GuangzhouShanghai

Yang Xiaokai

1948 ~ 2004

A pioneer of the Cultural Revolution “thinking generation,” Yang became one of the world's preeminent theorists in economic analysis, as well as an influential campaigner for democracy in China.

Affiliation: Monash University  |  Locale: Australia

Yang Sida

1901 ~ 1963

Chinese Christian patriot, editor, and writer.

Affiliation: Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association  |  Locale: Shanghai

Yang Tingyun

1557 ~ 1627

Famous Chinese Catholic converted from Buddhism in the late Ming dynasty.

Affiliation: Catholic Church in China  |  Locales: Zhejiang, Beijing

Matthew Tyson Yates

1819 ~ 1888

Prominent American Southern Baptist missionary, foundation-layer of the Baptist Church in Eastern China.

Affiliation: American Southern Baptist  |  Locales: Shanghai, Jiangsu

Matthew Tyson Yates

1819 ~ 1988

Pioneer Southern Baptist missionary to China enduring opposition and surviving the Taiping Rebellion to build a productive ministry.

Affiliation: American Southern Baptist Mission  |  Locale: Shanghai

Yin Renxian

1887 ~ 1964

Distinguished civil servant; Christian educator.

Affiliations: Chinese government, Holy Light School  |  Locales: Shandong, HenanHunan

Ying Lianzhi

1867 ~ 1926

Well-known Catholic in China.

Affiliation: Catholic Church in China  |  Locale: Beijing

George Armstrong Young

1898 ~ 1991

Baptist Missionary Society missionary and educator in China during the first half of the 20th century.

Affiliation: Baptist Missionary Society  |  Locale: Shaanxi

Yu Chenghua

1901 ~ 1956

Elder at Shanghai Christian Assembly (or Meeting Hall); Watchman Nee’s closest co-worker; ophthalmologist; martyr.

Affiliation: Little Flock  |  Locale: Shanghai

Yu Rizhang

1882 ~ 1936

Prominent Chinese Protestant leader of the Republican period, as head of the YMCA for twenty years.

Affiliation: YMCA  |  Locale: Wuhan

Dora Yu

1873 ~ 1931

Famous twentieth century female Chinese evangelist, revivalist and Bible teacher.

Affiliations: Southern Methodist Episcopal Church, Chinese Independent Church Movement  |  Locales: Shanghai, SuzhouSouth Korea

Yu Guozhen

1852 ~ 1932

Chinese pastor and founder of the Chinese Jesus Independent Church.

Affiliation: Chinese Jesus Independent Church  |  Locale: Shanghai

Moses Yu

1920 ~ 2010

Student ministry leader, church planter, pastor, and seminary founder.

Affiliations: Chinese Churches Overseas, Christian Witness Theological Seminary  |  Locales: Shandong, ChongqingUnited States

Yu Rizhang

1882 ~ 1936

Chinese general secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association in China for 16 years.

Affiliation: Young Men's Christian Association  |  Locales: Shanghai, Beijing

Allen Yuan

1914 ~ 2005

Chinese house church leader who suffered long imprisonment for refusing to join the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and who led a large congregation after being released from prison.

Locale: Beijing

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