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Wu Jingxiong

(Wu Ching-hsiung)
1900 ~ 1986

A doctor of law, Wu was once the head of the department of law of Dongwu University (Suzhou University) and a member of the Legislative Yuan of the Kuomintang government. He attended the San Francisco Conference as an advisor to the Chinese delegation and helped translate the United Nations Charter. Originally a Protestant, he converted to Roman Catholicism after a stay with a Catholic professor of law at Aurora University in Shanghai in the winter of 1937, when he had occasion to read a brief biography of St. Theresa and several other well-known works on Catholic doctrine. He was baptized by President Cai Er Meng (German) of Aurora University. Not long after, his entire family became converts. In Dec 1946, accompanied by his family, Wu went to Rome as the envoy of the Kuomintang government, which had unilaterally sent its first envoy, Xi Shoukang, to establish diplomatic ties with the Vatican in July.

In Feb 1949, Wu received a telegraph from President Sun Ke of the Executive Yuan to "return home for consultation." Soon after, he resigned from his post as envoy and spent his remaining 30 years living and working abroad.

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