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Ph. Winnes

German missionary.

Affiliation: Basel German Evangelical Society  |  Locales: Hong Kong, Guangdong

James Edward Walsh

1891 ~ 1981

Maryknoll missionary leader in China and the last missioner expelled from Communist China.

Affiliation: Maryknoll  |  Locale: Shanghai

Wang Chengpei

Remembered as “the wheelbarrow man and martyr”.

Locales: Shandong, Beijing

Wang Chonghui Story in process; contributions from readers are welcome.

1881 ~ 1958

Presiding judge of the ROC Supreme Court, Minister of Justice, and a member of the Permanent Court of International Justice.

Locale: Taiwan

Wang Jingchun

1882 ~ 1956

Leader in the Chinese Railway Administration, Ministry of Communications. Known as a man of integrity and professional competence.

Wang Laiquan

1835 ~ 1901

Chinese evangelist and pastor

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locales: Ningbo, Hangzhou

Wang Liming

1896 ~ 1970

The leader of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in China for over thirty years and one of the nation’s leading female social reformers of the Republican period.

Affiliation: Woman’s Christian Temperance Union  |  Locale: Shanghai

Wang Yihui

1899 ~

Prominent physician and medical educator.

Locales: Beijing, ShanghaiXian

Wang Zhonglin

Evangelist, doctor, and martyr.

Locale: Beijing

Wang Liangzuo

1920 ~

Pioneer in the anti-imperialist and patriotic movements of the Chinese Catholic Church.

Affiliation: Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association  |  Locale: Sichuan

Wang Mingdao

1900 ~ 1991

Outspoken fundamentalist, independent evangelist, and a martyr for the faith in the church of China.

Affiliation: Beijing Christian Tabernacle  |  Locale: Beijing

Wang Zai

1898 ~ 1975

Chinese evangelist and founder of Chinese Foreign Missionary Union, referred to as the "Moody of China".

Affiliation: Chinese Foreign Missionary Union  |  Locale: Fuzhou

Wang Zheng

1521 ~ 1644

Well-known Chinese Catholic in the late Ming period.

Affiliation: Catholic Church in China  |  Locales: Shanxi, Beijing

Wang Zhengting

1882 ~ 1961

Chinese Christian politician, businessman, and diplomat.

Affiliation: Young Men's Christian Association  |  Locales: Beijing, ShanghaiHong Kong

Wang Zhiming

1908 ~ 1973

Christian pastor to the Miao (Hmong) minority group and martyr.

Locale: Yunnan

Abbe Livingston Warnshuis

1877 ~ 1958

Reformed Church in America missionary in China and International Missionary Council administrator.

Affiliation: Dutch Reformed Church  |  Locale: Xiamen

Webb Lucy Jim

1895 ~ 1987

Lucy Jim Webb was an American Methodist missionary. She spent almost thirty years working in China, mainly in Shanghai, where she made a major contribution to inner city ministry and youth work.

Affiliation: American Methodist  |  Locale: Shanghai

Wei Zhuomin

1888 ~ 1976

Wei served as president of Huazhong (Central China) University in Wuhan from 1929 to 1952. A philosopher with a profound knowledge of Chinese culture, Wei was an early exponent of "world Christianity."

Affiliation: Huazhong University  |  Locale: Hubei

Andrew Weir

1873 ~ 1933

Presbyterian missionary in Manchuria who worked to develop a genuine indigenous Chinese church.

Affiliation: Irish Presbyterian Mission  |  Locale: Jilin

Wen Jizhen

1895 ~ 1981

Educator; wife of Zhao Enci

Affiliation: Lingnan University  |  Locales: Guangzhou, Hong Kong

Knut Bernhard Westman

1881 ~ 1967

Swedish Lutheran historian, educational missionary, missiologist, and ecumenical leader.

Affiliation: Swedish Lutheran Church  |  Locale: Hunan

John Wherry

1837 ~ 1918

American missionary, Christian educator and Bible translator who served in China for nearly fifty years.

Affiliation: Presbyterian Mission  |  Locales: Shanghai, BeijingShandong

Moses Clark White

1819 ~ 1900

Pioneer American Methodist missionary in China in the face of opposition and hostility.

Affiliation: American Methodist Episcopal Mission  |  Locale: Fuzhou

W. C. White

1873 ~ 1960

Canadian Anglican missionary to China and archaeologist.

Affiliation: Church Missionary Society  |  Locale: Henan

Bliss Mitchell Wiant

1895 ~ 1975

A missionary-musician who sought out classical and folk Chinese melodies to combine with Chinese texts to produce original hymns for use by Chinese Christians.

Georges Frederic Leon Wieger

1856 ~ 1933

Physician, sinologue, and Jesuit missionary in China.

Affiliation: Society of Jesus  |  Locale: Hebei

Richard Wilhelm

1873 ~ 1930

German missionary in China and respected Chinese studies scholar.

Affiliation: German Allgemeiner Evangelisch Protestantischer  |  Locale: Shandong

James Toy Williams

1882 ~

American Southern Baptist preacher, teacher, and translator

Affiliation: American Southern Baptist  |  Locales: Canton, Shanghai

John Elias Williams

1871 ~ 1927

Presbyterian missionary devoted to higher education who contributed to the development of the University of Nanking.

Affiliation: American Presbyterian Mission  |  Locale: Nanjing

Samuel Wells Williams

1812 ~ 1884

American missionary in China, scholar, and diplomat.

Affiliation: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions  |  Locale: Beijing

Alexander Williamson

1829 ~ 1890

Scottish missionary in China with a vision to influence the higher classes through Christian literature.

Affiliation: Society for the Diffusion of Christian and General Knowledge Among the Chinese  |  Locale: Shanghai

Henry Raymond Williamson

1883 ~ 1966

British missionary in China, accomplished Chinese scholar and foreign secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society during the turbulent 1940s.

Affiliation: Baptist Missionary Society  |  Locales: Shanxi, Shandong

Robert Orr Wilson

1906 ~ 1967

Medical missionary in China during the Japanese occupation of Nanjing.

Affiliation: University of Nanjing Hospital  |  Locale: Nanjing

Wong Mei Story in process; contributions from readers are welcome.

first ordained Chinese Baptist pastor in China.

Beulah and Sarah H. Woolston

1828 ~ 1886

Founders of the first American Methodist girls' school in Asia.

Affiliation: Woman's Foreign Missionary Society  |  Locale: Fuzhou

Wu Baoying

1897 ~ 1930

Gansu area pioneer Chinese doctor-evangelist.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locale: Gansu

Wu Hongyu

1834 ~ 1919

An early well-known minister of the American Episcopal Church in China, who made a major contribution to his church and to the contextualization of Christianity in China.

Affiliation: American Episcopal Church Mission  |  Locale: Shanghai

Wu Jingxiong

1899 ~ 1986

Noted Chinese legal scholar and writer; translator of the Psalms and the New Testament.

Locales: Shanghai, United StatesTaiwan

Wu Weizun

1926 ~ 2002

Protestant evangelist who would rather die than surrender for the sake of the faith, Christian conscience and dignity; life in prison for twenty years made him into a “Chinese Epaphras.”

Affiliation: Shanghai Shouzhen Church  |  Locale: Shanghai

Wu Yik-wan Story in process; contributions from readers are welcome.

Pastor and secretary for Guangdong youth work for the Church of Christ in China.

Affiliation: Church of Christ in China  |  Locales: Guangdong, Guizhou

Wu Yongsheng

1924 ~

Author of The History of Christianity in Dali. Physician in the local hospital, which had been started by missionaries. Elder in Dali Old City Protestant Church.

Locales: Dali, Kunming

Wu Jingxiong

1900 ~ 1986

Second envoy to the Vatican appointed by the Republic of China.

Affiliation: Catholic Church in China  |  Locale: Zhejiang

Wu Leichuan

1870 ~ 1944

Notable Chinese Christian scholar.

Affiliation: Yenching University  |  Locales: Zhejiang, Beijing

Wu Mujia

1920 ~ 1997

Itinerant evangelist; Presbyterian pastor; suffered 23 years in prison for not joining the Three-Self Patriotic Movement; taught biblical languages at Yanjing Seminary.

Wu Yifang

1893 ~ 1985

Wu became China's first woman university president, at Jinling Women's College in Nanjing. Wu was the only woman in China's delegation at the founding of the United Nations.

Affiliation: Jinling College for Girls  |  Locale: Jiangsu

Wu Yushan

1632 ~ 1718

First Chinese priest of the Society of Jesus in Jiangnan, China, and well-known landscape artist in the Qing dynasty.

Affiliation: Society of Jesus  |  Locale: Jiangsu

Alexander Wylie

1815 ~ 1887

British missionary and publisher in China.

Affiliations: London Missionary Society, British and Foreign Bible Society  |  Locale: Shanghai

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