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Jenny Faulding Taylor

1843 ~ 1904

Born in London, Jennie Faulding was one of the China Inland Mission (CIM) party which sailed for China on the Larnmermuir in 1866. She soon proved an adaptable and resourceful missionary. In 1871 she married James Hudson Taylor, head of the CIM, Taylor's first wife having died the year before. She bore him three more children and wholly supported her husband in his work. In 1878, when Hudson was obliged for administrative reasons to stay on in England, she returned alone to China to lead other women in relief work in the severe Shanxi famine of 1877-1878.

She was the first woman to travel deep into the interior, and her success strengthened Taylor's case for appointing women in pioneering roles. During part of their married life she stayed alone in England to make a home for their teenaged children, including an adopted daughter. She helped with the administration of the CIM home office and was an assistant editor of China's Millions. Later she was free to travel with her husband and share in his ministry, supporting him particularly in his old age. She died in Switzerland a year before Hudson Taylor's death in Hunan, China.

About the Author

By Jocelyn Murray

Secretary, British and Irish Association for Mission Studies, London, England

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