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Chiang Kai-shek (18273 views)

1887 ~ 1975

Military leader of China; chairman of the nationalist Party; President of the Republic of China.


James Hudson Taylor (13498 views)

1832 ~ 1905

Founder and director of the China Inland Mission.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locale:

Gladys May Aylward (11497 views)

1902 ~ 1970

British missionary in China.

Affiliation: Independent Missionary  |  Locale:

Charlotte "Lottie" Diggs Moon (10938 views)

1840 ~ 1912

Revered Southern Baptist missions mobilizer and missionary in China.

Affiliation: American Southern Baptist Mission  |  Locale:

Elisabeth (Betty) Alden Scott Stam (10508 views)

1906 ~ 1934

Missionary with the China Inland Mission (CIM), who served in Yingzhou City, Yingshang, and Jingde, Anhui Province until her death at Miaoshou at the age of 28.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locale:

John Song (7717 views)

1901 ~ 1944

Chinese revivalist and evangelist, whose meetings also featured prayer for the sick. Through him, tens of thousands were converted to Christ; thousands were healed; and hundreds of evangelistic teams were sent out.

Affiliations: Chinese Methodist Church‚  Bethel Worldwide Evangelistic Band  |  Locale:

Eric Henry Liddell (7269 views)

1902 ~ 1945

Olympic gold-medalist and Scottish missionary in China.

Affiliation: London Missionary Society  |  Locale:

Robert Morrison (6014 views)

1782 ~ 1834

Pioneer Protestant missionary to China.

Affiliation: London Missionary Society  |  Locales:

Robert Jermain Thomas (5028 views)

1839 ~ 1866

Missionary to China and Bible distributer in hostile Korea, becoming the first Protestant martyr in Korea.

Affiliation: London Missionary Society  |  Locales:

Wang Mingdao (4669 views)

1900 ~ 1991

Outspoken fundamentalist, independent evangelist, and a martyr for the faith in the church of China.

Affiliation: Beijing Christian Tabernacle  |  Locale:

James Hudson Taylor lll (4348 views)

1929 ~ 2009

Great-grandson of J. Hudson Taylor; founder of China Evangelical Seminary, Taiwan; General Director of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship; founder of Medical Services International.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locales:

Jonathan Goforth (4234 views)

1859 ~ 1936

First Canadian Presbyterian missionary to mainland China.

Affiliation: Canadian Presbyterian Mission  |  Locales:

Wang Zhiming (3990 views)

1908 ~ 1973

Christian pastor to the Miao (Hmong) minority group and martyr.


Nee Watchman (3783 views)

1903 ~ 1972

Preacher, teacher, writer; founder of Christian Assembly (Little flock).

Affiliation: Christian Assembly (Little flock)  |  Locales:

Isobel Miller Kuhn (3694 views)

1901 ~ 1957

Missionary to Lisu tribes; wife of John Kuhn; writer.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locales:

Marie Monsen (3578 views)

1878 ~ 1962

Norwegian missionary in China.

Affiliation: Norwegian Lutheran Mission  |  Locales:

Pauline G. Hamilton (3515 views)

1915 ~ 1988

Known to many as “Dr. P” in English and “Grandma Han” in Chinese, she won the hearts of thousands during her faith-filled ministry to delinquent boys, students, and many others in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locales:

Watchman Nee (3431 views)

1903 ~ 1972

Founder of the Local Church (Little Flock) movement in China.

Affiliation: Christian Assembly (Little Flock)  |  Locales:

Maria Dyer Taylor (3327 views)

1837 ~ 1870

Pioneer missionary of the China Inland Mission, wife of Hudson Taylor and trainer of women missionary recruits.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locale:

Matteo Ricci (3058 views)

1552 ~ 1610

Pioneer Roman Catholic missionary and the first European sinologist Ricci founded four Jesuit houses in China, translated Euclid’s Elements and other books into Chinese, and authored several popular books in Chinese. He was the initiator of the controversial “accommodationist” strategy for missions in China.

Affiliation: Society of Jesus  |  Locales:

Alopen (2802 views)

7th Century

Persian Nestorian missionary to China.


Rong Hong (2797 views)

1828 ~ 1912

Rong was the first "returned student" from America and founder of the Chinese Educational Mission. He paved the way for the first hundred Chinese to receive a state-sponsored modern education, and as a diplomat helped to stop the international coolie trade.

Affiliation: Chinese Educational Mission  |  Locales:

Charles Gutzlaff (2643 views)

1803 ~ 1851

A brilliant linguist, careful student of Chinese culture, tireless evangelist, eloquent spokesman for the spiritual needs of China’s unevangelized millions.

Affiliations: Netherlands Missionary Society‚  Chinese Evangelization Society  |  Locales:

John of Montecorvino (2600 views)

1247 ~ 1328

First Roman Catholic missionary to reach China proper and first bishop of Khanbaliq (Beijing).

Affiliation: Order of Friars Minor  |  Locale:

David Howard Adeney (2529 views)

1911 ~ 1994

Missionary and university evangelist in China and East Asia.

Affiliations: China Inland Mission‚  InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  |  Locales:

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