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Francisco Javier Montalban

1895 ~ 1945

Born Gordejuela, Vizcaya, Spain, Montalban entered the Society of Jesus in 1912 and was ordained in 1926. In 1930 he earned his doctorate in Munich with the dissertation Das spanische Patronat und die Eroberung der Philippinen. In China from 1930 to 1936, he taught church history in the Jesuit seminary in Zikawei, near Shanghai. There he published his Manuale Historiae Missionum (1935), although it was incomplete because European sources were not available to him. Nevertheless it was a useful handbook because it was based on Joseph Schmidlin's Catholic Mission History and Descamps's compendium Histoire generale compare des missions as well as Revue d'histoire des missions and Zeitschrift furMissionswissenschaft. In 1938 a Spanish translation was published. In 1936 Montalban returned to Spain, where he lectured at the theological faculty at Marneffe-Ona and worked at the Secretariado de Missions in Pamplona. He died in Ona, Spain.

About the Author

By Karl Muller

Formerly Director, Society of the Divine Word Missiological Institute, Sankt Augustine, Germany

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