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Ronald Owen Hall

1895 ~ 1975

Anglican bishop of Hong Kong.

Affiliation: Church of England  |  Locale: Hong Kong

Antonius Hambroeck

1605 ~ 1661

Dutch Reformed missionary in Formosa (Taiwan).

Affiliation: Dutch Reformed Church  |  Locale: Taiwan

Theodore Hamburg

1819 ~ 1854

Swedish missionary and translator among the Hakka.

Affiliation: Basel Mission  |  Locales: Hong Kong, Guangdong

Pauline G. Hamilton

1915 ~ 1988

Known to many as “Dr. P” in English and “Grandma Han” in Chinese, she won the hearts of thousands during her faith-filled ministry to delinquent boys, students, and many others in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locales: Nanjing, ShanghaiTaiwan

Han Wei

1928 ~ 1984

Christian Leader, Physician- Scientist, Educator

Locales: Taiwan, United States

Andrew P. Happer

1818 ~ 1894

Presbyterian minister, medical doctor, educator, and missionary in China.

Affiliation: American Presbyterian Mission  |  Locale: Guangzhou

George Kaufelt Harris

1887 ~ 1962

American missionary to Muslims in China.

Affiliations: China Inland Mission, Society of the Friends of Moslem in China  |  Locale: Qinghai

Jesse Boardman Hartwell

1835 ~ 1912

Pioneer Southern Baptist missionary in northeast China who, like Matthew Yates in eastern China and Issachar Jacox Roberts in southern China, is remembered for his significant contribution.

Affiliation: American Southern Baptist  |  Locale: Shandong

Mercie Briggs Hayes

1854 ~ 1925

"Mother Hayes" was a homemaker and friend who influenced others by her Christ-like character.

Affiliation: Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, USA  |  Locales: Shanghai, Suzhou

Watson Hayes

1857 ~ 1944

Founder and first President of the North China Theological Seminary

Affiliation: Northern Presbyterian Mission Board  |  Locale: Shandong

Victor E. W. Hayward

1908 ~ 1988

Missionary in China, foreign secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society, and ecumenical statesman.

Affiliation: Baptist Missionary Society  |  Locales: Shanxi, SwitzerlandShanghai

Maurus Heinrichs

1904 ~ 1996

Franciscan missionary in China and Japan.

Affiliation: Order of Friars Minor  |  Locales: Beijing, Japan

James Curtis Hepburn

1815 ~ 1911

Missionary to China and Japan.

Affiliation: American Presbyterian Mission  |  Locales: Fujian, Japan

David Hill

1840 ~ 1896

British Wesleyan Methodist missionary to China.

Affiliation: English Wesleyan Methodist Society  |  Locales: Hubei, Shanxi

Lydia Brown Hipps

1890 ~ 1925

American missionary who served at Ginling (Jinling) College as the head of the Music Department (1917-21); Acting Dean of Women and head of the Music Department of Shanghai College (1921-25).

Affiliation: Jinling College  |  Locales: Nanjing, JiangsuShanghai

Benjamin Hobson

1816 ~ 1873

Pioneer medical missionary in China.

Affiliation: London Missionary Society  |  Locales: Macau, Hong KongGuangzhou

Henry Theodore Hodgkin

1877 ~ 1933

Quaker missionary and administrator in China.

Affiliation: Friends' Foreign Missionary Association  |  Locale: Beijing

Hong Xiuquan

1814 ~ 1864

Chinese revolutionary leader and "Heavenly King" of the Taiping Rebellion.

Affiliation: Taiping Tianguo  |  Locales: Guangdong, Nanjing

Dixon Edward Hoste

1861 ~ 1946

British missionary, administrator, and evangelist in China.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locales: Shanxi, HenanShanghai

Leonora Howard

1851 ~ 1925

Methodist medical missionary in China.

Affiliation: Woman's Foreign Missionary Society  |  Locales: Beijing, Tianjin

Gertrude Howe

1847 ~ 1928

Methodist missionary in China.

Affiliation: Woman's Foreign Missionary Society  |  Locale: Jiangxi

William Edwin Hoy

1858 ~ 1927

Pioneer American missionary to Japan and China.

Affiliation: German Reformed Church in USA  |  Locales: Japan, Hunan

Hu Wenyao

1885 ~ 1966

Chinese Catholic patriot.

Affiliation: Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association  |  Locale: Shanghai

Huang Guangcai

1827 ~ 1886

The first Chinese clergyman of the American Episcopal Church in China.

Affiliation: American Episcopal Church Mission  |  Locale: Shanghai

Huang Naishang

1844 ~ 1924

Huang Naishang was an influential Chinese Protestant leader who in the late Qing dynasty first became a Confucian scholar and then the founder of a Chinese settlement in Sarawak (present day Malaysia). An energetic supporter of Sun Yat-sen, he was a successful journalist, revolutionary, and parliamentarian in China during the first part of the twentieth century.

Huang Mingsha

1570 ~ 1606

Chinese Jesuit lay brother and martyr.

Affiliation: Society of Jesus  |  Locale: Guangzhou

Huang Wutong

1909 ~ 1995

Taiwanese Presbyterian Christian leader.

Affiliation: Presbyterian Church in Taiwan  |  Locale: Taiwan

Huang Su’e

For forty years, an inspiring teacher and leader of church-work among women in Shanghai and Jiangsu.

Affiliation: American Episcopal Church Mission  |  Locales: Shanghai, Jiangsu

Evariste-Regis Huc

1813 ~ 1860

Vincentian missionary in Mongolia and Tibet.

Affiliation: Congregation of the Mission  |  Locales: Beijing, Inner Mongolia

Edward Hicks Hume

1876 ~ 1957

Founder and organizer of the Yale Mission hospital and medical college in Changsha, China.

Affiliation: Yale-in-China Mission  |  Locale: Changsha

George W. Hunter

1861 ~ 1946

China Inland Mission missionary in Turkestan.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Locales: Ningxia, Xinjiang

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