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James and Lillian Glazier Dickson

1900 ~ 1967
1901 ~ 1983

James and Lillian Glazier Dickson were sent to Taiwan (Formosa) in 1927, where Canadian Presbyterians first opened work in 1865. Their names became known throughout the island for their work both with the native mountain tribespeople and with those of Chinese descent in the plains areas. They served in Taiwan until 1940, and after World War II from 1946 to 1964. During the war (1940-1946) they served in British Guiana

While the Dicksons were instrumental in establishing medical clinics, leprosy care, and other kinds of Christian service, they are best known for training pastors and establishing local churches. They spearheaded the growth of the church among the mountain people; 386 congregations, a theological institute, a monthly magazine, and many agricultural and self-help projects were established during their years of service. James Dickson was principal of the Taiwan Theological College for over 30 years; under him it grew from a small student body and two teachers to a seminary with 160 students and 11 professors.

He also served on many agencies of the General Assembly, synod and presbyteries of the Taiwan church, and on the boards of schools, hospitals, and evangelical organizations. Lillian Dickson developed and promoted through her newsletter world-famous "Mustard Seed" projects throughout the island.

About the Author

By Donald E. MacInnis

Formerly Director of the China Program, National Council of Churches in the USA, Coordinator for China Research of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, Maryknoll, New York, USA

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