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The Rev. and Mrs. T.K. Chiu


The Yunnan Mission under Dr. W.H. Clark as Field Director of the Directing Committee began with a church in Kunming set up by Rev. and Mrs. T.K. Chiu from Fujian; members grew quickly to 200. Working with the Chinese Methodist Church, the YMCA and British missionaries, Mrs. Chiu set up a primary school and the only Christian middle school in Yunnan. Work in South Yunnan progressed slowly to include five main towns. In 1948, the Chius were replaced by the Rev. Sun Shouxin (S.S. Sun), former pastor in Jinan, Shandong, who also replaced Clark as Field Director in 1949.

Although many missionaries were involved, the Mission was run by the Chinese laymen on the Church of Christ in China (CCC)’s Yunnan Mission Committee, chaired by F.C. Liu, managing director of the Yunnan Railroad. By 1949, there were 500 members in the Yunnan Mission churches.

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