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Paul Henry Bartel

1904 ~ 2001

Preacher, teacher, educator, and trainer of Chinese church leaders

Affiliation: Christian and Missionary Alliance  |  Other Locales:

Fletcher Sims Brockman

1867 ~ 1944

Missionary and YMCA executive in China and the United States.

Affiliation: Young Men's Christian Association  |  Other Locales:

Charles Chu Chai

Law professor, law school dean, and worked in the Legislative Yuan to draft the new Chinese Constitution.

Other Locales:

Theodore (“Ted”) Choy

1916 ~ 1992

Pioneer worker among Chinese students in North America; frequent traveler to China after 1979 to minister to house churches.

Affiliation: Ambassadors for Christ, Inc.  |  Other Locales:

Robert Hall Glover

1871 ~ 1947

Missionary and missions administrator.

Affiliations: Christian and Missionary Alliance , China Inland Mission  |  Other Locales:

Han Wei

1928 ~ 1984

Christian Leader, Physician- Scientist, Educator

Other Locales:

Ji Zhiwen

1901 ~ 1985

20th-century Chinese Evangelical Protestant leader, evangelist, revivalist and philanthropist.

Affiliations: Bethel Evangelistic Band , Chinese Evangelization Society  |  Other Locales:

Kuang Fuzhou

1869 ~ 1938

Noted scholar, editor, writer, and leader in various civic and Christian organizations.

Affiliations: Salvation Army , Commercial Press  |  Other Locales:

Lin Yutang

1895 ~ 1976

Famous Chinese writer.

Other Locales:

Cora A. Martinson

1902 ~ 2000

Evangelist, Bible teacher, and college dean.

Affiliation: Lutheran United Mission  |  Other Locales:

Mei Ling

1851 ~ 1952

Pioneer Christian Educator; pastor

Other Locales:

Rong Hong

1828 ~ 1912

Rong was the first "returned student" from America and founder of the Chinese Educational Mission. He paved the way for the first hundred Chinese to receive a state-sponsored modern education, and as a diplomat helped to stop the international coolie trade.

Affiliation: Chinese Educational Mission  |  Other Locales:

David Toong

1895 ~ 1998

Prominent Chinese educator

Affiliations: St. John’s University , Young Men's Christian Association  |  Other Locales:

Wu Jingxiong

1899 ~ 1986

Noted Chinese legal scholar and writer; translator of the Psalms and the New Testament.

Other Locales:

Xie Fuya

1892 ~ 1991

Chinese Christian scholar and writer.

Affiliation: Young Men's Christian Association  |  Other Locales:

Dorothy Xu

1902 ~ 1999

Daughter of Pastor Xu Qin; professor of medicine.

Other Locales:

Helen Xu

1899 ~ 1995

Fourth daughter of Pastor Xu Qin; English professor.

Other Locales:

Louise Xu

1803 ~ 1991

Wife and indispensable partner of Zhang Fuliang, noted worker for rural welfare.

Other Locales:

Xu Qin

1854 ~ 1934

The first ordained Chinese pastor in Chinatown, New York.

Affiliation: First Chinese Presbyterian Church

Alice Huie Yan

1895 ~ 1980

Housewife, educator.

Other Locales:

Yan Yangchu

1893 ~ 1990

Yan, a Yale graduate who pioneered urban literacy training through the Mass Education Movement, also began a rural reconstruction model program and college.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Other Locales:

Moses Yu

1920 ~ 2010

Student ministry leader, church planter, pastor, and seminary founder.

Affiliations: Chinese Churches Overseas , Christian Witness Theological Seminary  |  Other Locales:

Zhang Lingnie

1911 ~ 2009

Devoted wife of Zhang Lisheng (Lit-sen Chang)

Other Locales:

Zhang Lisheng

1904 ~ 1996

Inspiring teacher, powerful preacher, prolific author

Affiliations: Southeast Bible College , Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary  |  Other Locales:

Zhang Fuliang

1889 ~ 1984

Chinese humanitarian and educator.

Affiliation: National Christian Council of China  |  Other Locales:

Zhao Junying

1906 ~ 1996

A co-founder of China InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Affiliation: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  |  Other Locales:

Zhao Shiguang

1908 ~ 1973

Chinese evangelist, writer and founder of Ling Liang or Spiritual Food Christian Church.

Affiliation: Ling Liang (Spiritual Food) Church  |  Other Locales:

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