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Sichuan, meaning "four rivers" is a province in western China with its capital at Chengdu.

Henry Cornelius Bartel

1873 ~ 1965

Founder of two Mennonite missions in China and facilitator for the development of other Mennonite mission programs.

Affiliation: China Mennonite Mission Society  |  Other Locales:

Paul Henry Bartel

1904 ~ 2001

Preacher, teacher, educator, and trainer of Chinese church leaders

Affiliation: Christian and Missionary Alliance  |  Other Locales:

Lodovico Buglio

1606 ~ 1682

Jesuit missionary in China.

Affiliation: Society of Jesus  |  Other Locales:

Chen Chonggui

1884 ~ 1963

Christian educator, controversial anti-imperialist, pro-Communist Chinese pastor, and one of the founders of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement.

Affiliation: Swedish Missionary Society  |  Other Locales:

Louis-Charles Delamarre

1810 ~ 1863

First missionary of the Paris Foreign Mission Society to enter China.

Affiliation: Paris Foreign Mission Society  |  Other Locales:

Jean-Gabriel-Taurin Dufresse

1750 ~ 1815

Catholic missionary bishop and martyr in China.

Affiliation: Paris Foreign Mission Society

Jean-Baptiste Budes de Guebriant

1860 ~ 1935

Missionary bishop and promoter of the indigenous Catholic Church in China.

Affiliation: Paris Foreign Mission Society  |  Other Locales:

Francis Price Jones

1890 ~ 1975

Missionary to China of the Methodist Episcopal Church (North).

Affiliation: American Methodist Episcopal Mission  |  Other Locales:

Montagu Robert Lawrence

1885 ~ 1971

Dr Robert Lawrence served as a medical missionary in China, first with the China Inland Mission and later with the Church Missionary Society. Born in 1885 in Dublin, he was the oldest son of Sir Thomas Robert Tighe Chapman, last...

Affiliations: China Inland Mission , Church Missionary Society

Jean-Martin Moye

1730 ~ 1793

French Catholic priest, mystic, founder of the Sisters of Providence, and missionary in China.

Affiliation: Paris Foreign Mission Society

Francois Pottier

1726 ~ 1792

First long-term residential missionary in Sichuan, China.

Affiliation: Paris Foreign Mission Society

Susanna Carson Rijnhart

1868 ~ 1908

Pioneer doctor, explorer, and founder of the Disciples of Christ Mission to Tibet.

Affiliation: Disciples of Christ Mission to Tibet  |  Other Locales:

Douglas Noel Sargent

1907 ~ 1979

Church Missionary Society missionary in China and trainer of missionaries.

Affiliation: Church Missionary Society

F. Olin and Esther Stockwell

1900 ~ 1992

American Missionaries to China and Singapore devoted to training Christian leaders for Southeast Asian churches.

Affiliation: Methodist Church  |  Other Locales:

Thomas Torrance

1871 ~ 1959

Evangelist and Bible distributor in Sichuan province as well as a scholar instrumental in establishing the museum at West China Union University.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission

Wang Liangzuo

1920 ~

Pioneer in the anti-imperialist and patriotic movements of the Chinese Catholic Church.

Affiliation: Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association

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