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Shanxi is a province in the northern part of the People's Republic of China. Its one-character abbreviation is Jin (晋 pinyin jìn), after the state of Jin that existed here during the Spring and Autumn Period.

Shanxi's name literally means "mountains' west", which refers to the province's location west of the Taihang Mountains. Shanxi borders Hebei to the east, Henan to the south, Shaanxi to the west, and Inner Mongolia to the north. The capital of the province is Taiyuan.

David Gordon Anderson

1908 ~ 1939

Medical missionary of the China Inland Mission. Served at the Wilmay Memorial Hospital in Changzhi, Shanxi Province as an attending physician and hospital director. Died at a young age after contracting typhoid from a wounded soldier he treated.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission

Gladys May Aylward

1902 ~ 1970

British missionary in China.

Affiliation: Independent Missionary

Mildred Cable

1878 ~ 1952

Founded a girls school to train Chinese women to be evangelists and leaders.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Other Locales:

Moir Duncan

1861 ~ 1906

Missionary to China of the Baptist Missionary Society.

Affiliation: Baptist Missionary Society

Anthony Feliciani

1804 ~ 1866

Second prefect apostolic of the Hong Kong Catholic Church (1843-47 and 1850-55).

Affiliation: Order of Friars Minor  |  Other Locales:

Gao Daling

1850s ~ 1940s

Gifted scholar, independent church leader, and assistant to Timothy Richard.

Affiliations: British Baptist Missionary Society , True Jesus Church

Archibald Edward Glover

1859 ~ 1954

English missionary in China.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission

Victor E. W. Hayward

1908 ~ 1988

Missionary in China, foreign secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society, and ecumenical statesman.

Affiliation: Baptist Missionary Society  |  Other Locales:

David Hill

1840 ~ 1896

British Wesleyan Methodist missionary to China.

Affiliation: English Wesleyan Methodist Society  |  Other Locales:

Dixon Edward Hoste

1861 ~ 1946

British missionary, administrator, and evangelist in China.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Other Locales:

Walter Henry Judd

1898 ~ 1994

Medical missionary to China.

Affiliation: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions  |  Other Locales:

Louis Le Comte

1655 ~ 1728

Jesuit missionary in China.

Affiliation: Society of Jesus  |  Other Locales:

Leslie Theodore Lyall

1905 ~ 1996

Missionary of the China Inland Mission, and writer on China.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Other Locales:

Mei Yibao

1900 ~ 1996

Chinese Philosophy professor and university administrator.

Affiliation: Yenching University  |  Other Locales:

Timothy Richard

1845 ~ 1915

Baptist Missionary Society missionary in China.

Affiliation: Baptist Missionary Society  |  Other Locales:

Stanley P. Smith

1861 ~ 1931

English missionary and evangelist in China, one of the famed Cambridge Seven.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission

Alphonsus Vagnoni

1566 ~ 1640

First Italian Jesuit missionary in Shanxi, China.

Affiliation: Society of Jesus

Wang Zheng

1521 ~ 1644

Well-known Chinese Catholic in the late Ming period.

Affiliation: Catholic Church in China  |  Other Locales:

Henry Raymond Williamson

1883 ~ 1966

British missionary in China, accomplished Chinese scholar and foreign secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society during the turbulent 1940s.

Affiliation: Baptist Missionary Society  |  Other Locales:

Xi Shengmo

1835 ~ 1896

Chinese evangelist, pastor, hymn composer, and founder of opium refuges.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission

Zhang Bohuai Story in process; contributions from readers are welcome.

Church leader, rural educator, and professor of New Testament.

Affiliation: Church of Christ in China  |  Other Locales:

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