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Hunan is a province of China, located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and south of Lake Dongting (hence the name Hunan, meaning "south of the lake").

Hunan borders Hubei in the north, Jiangxi to the east, Guangdong to the south, Guangxi to the southwest, Guizhou to the west, and Chongqing to the northwest. The capital is Changsha.

Cities in Hunan

Robert Pierce Beaver

1906 ~ 1987

American missiologist.

Affiliation: Evangelical and Reformed Church

Heinrich Wilhelm Coerper

1863 ~ 1936

Founder of the Liebenzeller Mission.

Affiliation: Liebenzeller Mission  |  Other Locales:

Adam C. Dorward

Pioneer missionary in Hunan Province.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission

William Edwin Hoy

1858 ~ 1927

Pioneer American missionary to Japan and China.

Affiliation: German Reformed Church in USA  |  Other Locales:

Asher Raymond Kepler

1879 ~ 1942

First general secretary of the Church of Christ in China.

Affiliation: American Presbyterian Mission  |  Other Locales:

Knut Bernhard Westman

1881 ~ 1967

Swedish Lutheran historian, educational missionary, missiologist, and ecumenical leader.

Affiliation: Swedish Lutheran Church

Louise Xu

1803 ~ 1991

Wife and indispensable partner of Zhang Fuliang, noted worker for rural welfare.

Other Locales:

Yin Renxian

1887 ~ 1964

Distinguished civil servant; Christian educator.

Affiliations: Chinese government , Holy Light School  |  Other Locales:

Zeng Baosun

1893 ~ 1978

Prominent Chinese Christian educator.

Affiliation: Church Missionary Society

Zhang Fuliang

1889 ~ 1984

Chinese humanitarian and educator.

Affiliation: National Christian Council of China  |  Other Locales:

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