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Hubei is a central province of the People's Republic of China. The name Hubei means "north of the lake", referring to Hubei's position north of Dongting Lake. The capital of Hubei is Wuhan.

Hubei borders Henan to the north, Anhui to the east, Jiangxi to the southeast, Hunan to the south, Chongqing to the west, and Shaanxi to the northwest.

A popular unofficial name for Hubei is Chu (Chinese: 楚; Pinyin: Chǔ), after the powerful state of Chu that existed here during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

Chen Chonggui

1884 ~ 1963

Christian educator, controversial anti-imperialist, pro-Communist Chinese pastor, and one of the founders of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement.

Affiliation: Swedish Missionary Society  |  Other Locales:

August William Edwins

1871 ~ 1942

American founder of the Augustana Lutheran Church mission in central China.

Affiliation: China Mission Society  |  Other Locales:

Edward J. Galvin

1882 ~ 1956

Founder of the Columban Fathers.

Affiliation: St. Columban's Foreign Mission Society

Gui Zhitang

1895 ~ 1961

Physicist, and Christian univerisity administrator and professor.

Affiliation: Central China University  |  Other Locales:

David Hill

1840 ~ 1896

British Wesleyan Methodist missionary to China.

Affiliation: English Wesleyan Methodist Society  |  Other Locales:

Griffith John

1831 ~ 1912

London Missionary Society missionary in China.

Affiliation: London Missionary Society

C.K. Lee Story in process; contributions from readers are welcome.

YMCA secretary, a secretary of the Wuchang Council of Churches, and Church of Christ Mission Secretary.

Affiliation: Church of Christ in China  |  Other Locales:

John Kenneth Mackenzie

1850 ~ 1888

British medical missionary in China.

Affiliation: London Missionary Society  |  Other Locales:

Harold and Charlotte Martinson

1905/1906 ~ 1970/2001

Lutheran evangelistic and teacher.

Affiliation: Lutheran United Mission  |  Other Locales:

Jean-Gabriel Perboyre

1802 ~ 1840

Persecuted and martyred Vincentian missionary in China.

Affiliation: Congregation of the Mission

Halvor Ronning

1862 ~ 1950

Pioneer Norwegian-American Lutheran missionary in China.

Affiliation: China Mission Society

Logan Herbert Roots

1870 ~ 1945

Called the "Red Bishop" of Hankow (Hankou), China, from 1904 to 1937.

Affiliation: American Protestant Episcopal Mission

Wei Zhuomin

1888 ~ 1976

Wei served as president of Huazhong (Central China) University in Wuhan from 1929 to 1952. A philosopher with a profound knowledge of Chinese culture, Wei was an early exponent of "world Christianity."

Affiliation: Huazhong University

Helen Xu

1899 ~ 1995

Fourth daughter of Pastor Xu Qin; English professor.

Other Locales:

Yan Yongjing

1838 ~ 1898

Chinese translator, professor, social reformer, and pastor who was instrumental in the founding of Central China University and St. John's College.

Affiliation: American Episcopal Church Mission  |  Other Locales:

Zhang Zhijiang

1882 ~ 1966

Chinese Christian military commander.

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