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Henan is a province of the People's Republic of China, located in the central part of the country. The name Henan means "south of the (Yellow) River" (Huang He).

With nearly 100 million people, Henan is the most populous province of China. It borders Hebei to the north, Shandong to the northeast, Anhui to the southeast, Hubei to the south, Shaanxi to the west, and Shanxi to the northwest.

Henan is traditionally regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilization.

Chu Haozhan

1883 ~ 1962

Outstanding evangelist, pastor, civic leader, church leader, and theological educator.

Affiliation: Lutheran Church  |  Other Locales:

Addie Cox

1885 ~

Missionary educator and evangelist.

Affiliation: American Southern Baptist

August William Edwins

1871 ~ 1942

American founder of the Augustana Lutheran Church mission in central China.

Affiliation: China Mission Society  |  Other Locales:

Gao Jiancheng

1888 ~

Pioneer Chinese medical missionary in Gansu.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Other Locales:

Jonathan Goforth

1859 ~ 1936

First Canadian Presbyterian missionary to mainland China.

Affiliation: Canadian Presbyterian Mission  |  Other Locales:

Dixon Edward Hoste

1861 ~ 1946

British missionary, administrator, and evangelist in China.

Affiliation: China Inland Mission  |  Other Locales:

Donald MacGillivray

1862 ~ 1931

Canadian Presbyterian missionary in China.

Affiliations: Canadian Presbyterian Mission , Christian Literature Society  |  Other Locales:

Cora A. Martinson

1902 ~ 2000

Evangelist, Bible teacher, and college dean.

Affiliation: Lutheran United Mission  |  Other Locales:

Harold and Charlotte Martinson

1905/1906 ~ 1970/2001

Lutheran evangelistic and teacher.

Affiliation: Lutheran United Mission  |  Other Locales:

Mei Ling

1851 ~ 1952

Pioneer Christian Educator; pastor

Other Locales:

Marie Monsen

1878 ~ 1962

Norwegian missionary in China.

Affiliation: Norwegian Lutheran Mission  |  Other Locales:

Daniel Nelson

1853 ~ 1926

Pioneer Norwegian-American Lutheran missionary in central China.

Affiliation: Norwegian-American Lutheran Mission Society

Daniel, Jr. and Esther Nelson

1902 ~ 1948

Leader of Lutheran missionary and relief work in China.

Affiliation: Lutheran United Mission  |  Other Locales:

P. Johannes Schutte

1913 ~ 1971

Catholic missiologist and administrator.

Affiliation: Society of the Divine Word

Casper and Mathilda Skinsnes

1886/7 ~

Medical missionaries who served faithfully during chaotic times.

Affiliation: Norwegian Lutheran Mission  |  Other Locales:

Nicolas Trigault

1577 ~ 1628

Jesuit missionary in China, the first European to see the Nestorian monument of 781.

Affiliation: Society of Jesus  |  Other Locales:

W. C. White

1873 ~ 1960

Canadian Anglican missionary to China and archaeologist.

Affiliation: Church Missionary Society

Yin Renxian

1887 ~ 1964

Distinguished civil servant; Christian educator.

Affiliations: Chinese government , Holy Light School  |  Other Locales:

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