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Stacey Bieler

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Research Associate, Global China Center, Michigan, USA

Fei Qihao

1879 ~ 1953

Chinese Christian educator.

Affiliation: Young Men's Christian Association  |  Locales: Hebei, Beijing

Gui Zhitang

1895 ~ 1961

Physicist, and Christian univerisity administrator and professor.

Affiliation: Central China University  |  Locales: Shanghai, Hubei

Kuang Fuzhou

1869 ~ 1938

Noted scholar, editor, writer, and leader in various civic and Christian organizations.

Affiliations: Salvation Army, Commercial Press  |  Locales: United States, Shanghai

Lin Yutang

1895 ~ 1976

Famous Chinese writer.

Locales: Shanghai, United StatesTaipei

Lü Jin’ai

1912 ~ 2002

Pioneer of Chinese Educational Films.

Affiliation: Jinling University

Mei Yibao

1900 ~ 1996

Chinese Philosophy professor and university administrator.

Affiliation: Yenching University  |  Locales: Beijing, Shanxi

Rong Hong

1828 ~ 1912

Rong was the first "returned student" from America and founder of the Chinese Educational Mission. He paved the way for the first hundred Chinese to receive a state-sponsored modern education, and as a diplomat helped to stop the international coolie trade.

Affiliation: Chinese Educational Mission  |  Locales: China, United States

Sun Mingjing

1911 ~ 1992

Pioneer of Chinese Educational Films.

Affiliation: Jinling University

Tao Xingzhi

1891 ~ 1946

Educational reformer.

Locales: Nanjing, Beijing

Wang Yihui

1899 ~

Prominent physician and medical educator.

Locales: Beijing, ShanghaiXian

Wu Jingxiong

1899 ~ 1986

Noted Chinese legal scholar and writer; translator of the Psalms and the New Testament.

Locales: Shanghai, United StatesTaiwan

Caroline Xu

1897 ~ 1970

Wife of Zhu Youyu. Dean of Women at St. John's University; chairman of the Red Cross committee that sponsored a maternity center for refugee women; chairman of the YWCA National Board headquartered in Shanghai from 1938-39.

Affiliation: Episcopal Church  |  Locales: Shanghai, USA

Yan Huiqing

1877 ~ 1950

Distinguished civil servant under many Chinese governments over several decades.

Affiliation: Chinese Government  |  Locales: Beijing, Shanghai

Yin Renxian

1887 ~ 1964

Distinguished civil servant; Christian educator.

Affiliations: Chinese government, Holy Light School  |  Locales: Shandong, HenanHunan

Zeng Laishun

1826 ~ 1895

Chinese evangelist, translator, businessman, and educator.

Affiliation: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions  |  Locales: Guangzhou, Shanghai

Zhang Fuliang

1889 ~ 1984

Chinese humanitarian and educator.

Affiliation: National Christian Council of China  |  Locales: Hunan, United StatesJiangxi

Zhou Xiezhang

1892 ~ 1945

Prominent educator

Affiliation: Yanjing University  |  Locale: Beijing

Zhu Youyu

1885 ~ 1986

Educator, chaplain, church leader

Affiliation: Episcopal Church  |  Locales: Shanghai, BeijingKunming

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