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BDCC Group

A collaboration of BDCC Scholars, or Editors.

William Barratt

John Barwick

Ph.D., Research Associate with Global China Center and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Daniel H. Bays

Professor of History and Director of the Asian Studies Program, Calvin College.

H. Daniel Beeby

Formerly Old Testament Lecturer, Selly Oaks Colleges, Birmingham, England

A. William Bell

PhD Candidate, Department of History, Boston University.

Robert Benedetto

Associate Librarian, Associate Professor of Bibliography, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia

Clinton Bennett

Lecturer in Islamic Studies and Anthropological Theology, Westminster College, Oxford, England

Stephen B. Bevans

Professor of Historical and Doctrinal Studies, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Stacey Bieler

Research Associate, Global China Center, Michigan, USA

P. Richard Bohr

Associate Professor of History and Director of Asian Studies, College of Saint Benedict, Saint John's University, Saint Joseph, Minnesota, USA

Jonathan J. Bonk

Associate Director, Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

William H. Brackney

Principal and Professor of Historical Theology, McMaster Divinity College, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Mark S. Bradley

Vice President, OMF International; Director for Mobilization, OMF-US Littleton, Colorado.

Gillian Bradshaw

G. Thompson Brown

Emeritus Professor of Missions and World Christianity, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, Georgia, USA

Sarah V. Brown

After completing her B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature at Dartmouth College, Sarah Brown spent more than three years teaching English in northeast China. After her stint in education, she worked as a Translation Consultant. She is currently pursuing a M.A. in Asian Studies at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.

David Bundy

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