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Welthy Honsinger Fisher

1879 ~ 1980

American Methodist educational missionary in China, and literacy pioneer in India.


Leonora Howard

1851 ~ 1925

Methodist medical missionary in China.


Gertrude Howe

1847 ~ 1928

Methodist missionary in China.


Kang Cheng

1873 ~ 1930

Prominent Chinese medical doctor and missionary, educator, and women's leader of the Chinese church.


Shi Meiyu

1873 ~ 1954

Shi was among the first Chinese women graduates from a U.S. medical school. On return to China, she founded a hospital and developed the nursing profession.

Other Affiliation: Shanghai Bethel Mission | Locales:

Beulah and Sarah H. Woolston

1828 ~ 1886

Founders of the first American Methodist girls' school in Asia.


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