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one of Catholic orders, founded by Cardinal Celso Costantini on the 31th of March in 1931 at Xuanhwa of Chahar Province in China.

The Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord was founded on the 31th of March in 1931 at Xuanhwa of Chahar Province in China. Soon some from the local clergy of various provinces came to join the Community. Then a religious house was founded in Beijing.

Soon after the foundation of the religious order, the Second World War broke out. Unfortunately, the communists had riots in the whole country at the same time. So the development of the religious order was greatly affected.

The general house was finally moved to Shanghai and Taipei subsequently, due to the riots; and the great number of the religious members were sent to several countries, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States of America and Italy.

In 1957, some members of the C.D.D. Fathers were invited to Bentong in Pahang, Malaysia to take charge of the Catholic High School and several parishes in the Pahang State.

C.D.D. Fathers have built a magnificent church as well as a religious house together with a minor seminary in Petaling Jaya and Malacca.

At present the C.D.D. has a religious house in Rome and a General House in Taiwan with a novitiate affiliated to it.

In some other countries, there are Regional religious houses, novitiates, retreat houses, and schools of different levels. Some of the members serve in universities, high and elementary schools as administrators or professors. Periodicals and various types of books have been published and distributed for nearly forty years.

1. for the glory of God.
2. for the sanctification of individuals in community through observance of the Evangelical Counsels (the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience) .
3. for the salvation of souls, special services to the Chinese both in China and overseas, but other races are NOT excluded.
4. fervent love for the Holy Eucharist, strong loyalty to Christ's vicar in the church.

1. To serve dioceses, especially in areas neglected by ministers.
2. To open and to administer schools and colleges.
3. To serve the youth.
4. To look after the poor and the needy.
5. To serve the overseas Chinese especially.
6. To publish apologetics and periodicals.

Celso Benigno Luigi Costantini

1876 ~ 1958

Italian-born promoter of indigenous local churches and first apostolic delegate to China.


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