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Set up in 1852, after failed attempts to work with Gutzlaff's Chinese Union, the CES in two years sent out Lobscheid, Hudson Taylor, and A. Taylor, to Saiheng and Shanghai, and Parker to Ning-Po. In the same year it printed ten thousand copies of Gutzlaff's Chinese New Testament. Its aims were to send doctors, to train Chinese evangelists, to disseminate Scriptures in Chinese, and to penetrate the interior. The venture did not raise enough money to prosper, and the CES disbanded in 1859.

Karl Friedrich August Gutzlaff

1803 ~ 1851

First German Lutheran Missionary to China.

Other Affiliation: Netherlands Missionary Society | Locales:

Ji Zhiwen

1901 ~ 1985

20th-century Chinese Evangelical Protestant leader, evangelist, revivalist and philanthropist.

Other Affiliation: Bethel Evangelistic Band | Locales:

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