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David Howard Adeney

1911 ~ 1994

Missionary and university evangelist in China and East Asia.

Other Affiliation: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship | Locales:

David Gordon Anderson

1908 ~ 1939

Medical missionary of the China Inland Mission. Served at the Wilmay Memorial Hospital in Changzhi, Shanxi Province as an attending physician and hospital director. Died at a young age after contracting typhoid from a wounded soldier he treated.


Frederick William Baller

1852 ~ 1922

British missionary, educator, and translator in China.


W. Malprus Belcher

1864 ~ 1929

English missionary who worked in Liangzhou, Gansu for 40 years.


Miss Dorothy Jean Bidlake

1899 ~ 1929

American female missionary who sacrificed her youth to serve famine victims in Gansu.


Rudolf Alfred Bosshardt

1897 ~ 1993

Missionary in China.


Lillian Bromiley

1917 ~ 1971

A teacher and evangelist who spent most of her life working with Chinese communities in Malaysia.


Anthony James Broomhall

1911 ~ 1994

Physician, pioneer missionary, and historian.


Benjamin Broomhall

1911 ~ 1994

British mission advocate, administrator, and author.


Marshall Broomhall

1829 ~ 1911

English missionary writer and editor.


Feng Nenggui

1865 ~

Chinese basket-maker-turned evangelist, helper to CIM missionaries


Emil Fischbacher

1903 ~ 1933

English medical missionary who devoted his life to the minority peoples of Xinjiang.


James Outram Fraser

1886 ~ 1938

English missionary in southwest China.


Evangeline and Francesca French

1869 ~ 1961

Courageous women missionary pioneers in central Asia.


Gao Jiancheng

1888 ~

Pioneer Chinese medical missionary in Gansu.


Annie Garland

1861 ~ 1929

Australian missionary who served for thirty-nine years in Gansu and finally sacrificed her life for the people there.


Archibald Edward Glover

1859 ~ 1954

English missionary in China.


Robert Hall Glover

1871 ~ 1947

Missionary and missions administrator.

Other Affiliation: Christian and Missionary Alliance | Locales:

Pauline G. Hamilton

1915 ~ 1988

Known to many as “Dr. P” in English and “Grandma Han” in Chinese, she won the hearts of thousands during her faith-filled ministry to delinquent boys, students, and many others in Mainland China and Taiwan.


George Kaufelt Harris

1887 ~ 1962

American missionary to Muslims in China.

Other Affiliation: Society of the Friends of Moslem in China | Locale:

Dixon Edward Hoste

1861 ~ 1946

British missionary, administrator, and evangelist in China.


George W. Hunter

1861 ~ 1946

China Inland Mission missionary in Turkestan.


James Herbert Kane

1910 ~ 1988

North American evangelical missiologist.


Isobel Miller Kuhn

1901 ~ 1957

Missionary to southwest China.


Montagu Robert Lawrence

1885 ~ 1971

Dr Robert Lawrence served as a medical missionary in China, first with the China Inland Mission and later with the Church Missionary Society. Born in 1885 in Dublin, he was the oldest son of Sir Thomas Robert Tighe Chapman, last...

Other Affiliation: Church Missionary Society | Locale:

Leslie Theodore Lyall

1905 ~ 1996

Missionary of the China Inland Mission, and writer on China.


Percy Cunningham Mather

1884 ~ 1933

Missionary pioneer of the China Inland Mission in Central Asia; linguist and translator.


Samuel Pollard

1864 ~ 1915

British missionary to the Miao minority group in China.


Lloyd Robert Rist

1885 ~ 1929

A Canadian missionary who served faithfully in Gansu until his death.


Otto F. Schoerner

1906 ~ 2008

American medical missionary, who served in Xinjiang and Gansu for 20 years; President of the Borden Memorial Hospital, Lanzhou, Gansu.


Stanley P. Smith

1861 ~ 1931

English missionary and evangelist in China, one of the famed Cambridge Seven.


Elisabeth (Betty) Alden Scott Stam

1906 ~ 1934

Missionary with the China Inland Mission (CIM), who served in Yingzhou City, Yingshang, and Jingde, Anhui Province until her death at Miaoshou at the age of 28.


Arnold Strange

1897 ~ 1941

China Inland Mission missionary engaged in evangelism and relief work in Western China.


James Hudson Taylor

1832 ~ 1905

Founder and director of the China Inland Mission.


Jenny Faulding Taylor

1843 ~ 1904

First woman missionary to travel deep into interior China, paving the way for women in pioneering roles.


Maria Dyer Taylor

1837 ~ 1870

Pioneer missionary of the China Inland Mission, wife of Hudson Taylor and trainer of women missionary recruits.


James Hudson Taylor lll

1929 ~ 2009

Great-grandson of J. Hudson Taylor; founder of China Evangelical Seminary, Taiwan; General Director of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship; founder of Medical Services International.


Thomas Torrance

1871 ~ 1959

Evangelist and Bible distributor in Sichuan province as well as a scholar instrumental in establishing the museum at West China Union University.


Wang Laiquan

1835 ~ 1901

Chinese evangelist and pastor


Wu Baoying

1897 ~ 1930

Gansu area pioneer Chinese doctor-evangelist.


Xi Shengmo

1835 ~ 1896

Chinese evangelist, pastor, hymn composer, and founder of opium refuges.


Yan Yangchu

1893 ~ 1990

Yan, a Yale graduate who pioneered urban literacy training through the Mass Education Movement, also began a rural reconstruction model program and college.


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