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Canadian Presbyterian Mission was a Canadian Presbyterian Church in Canada missionary society that was involved in sending workers to countries such as China during the late Qing Dynasty. The most famous of which were Jonathan Goforth and his wife, Rosalind.

In 1871, the Canada Presbyterian Church sent George Leslie MacKay of Zorra Township, Oxford County, Ontario, to Formosa, which has been maintained to this date in connection with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. Fellow Oxford County native Jonathan Goforth initially went to Honan China starting the Canadian Presbyterian Mission there

The later Pacific occupation by Japan, followed by Mao's "cultural revolution" in China, forced temporary and permanent departures from some Asian fields, including Taiwan, Japan, and Manchuria.

James and Lillian Glazier Dickson

1900 ~ 1967

Visionary missionaries and church developers sent by the Presbyterian Church of Canada to north Taiwan.


Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth

1859 ~ 1936

First Canadian Presbyterian missionaries to mainland China.


Donald MacGillivray

1862 ~ 1931

Canadian Presbyterian missionary in China.

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George Leslie Mackay

1844 ~ 1901

Pioneer Canadian Presbyterian missionary in northern Taiwan


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