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American Southern Baptist Mission is an American Southern Baptist missionary society that was involved in sending workers to countries such as China during the late Qing Dynasty. The most famous of which was Lottie Moon.


Tarleton Perry and Martha Foster Crawford

1821 ~ 1902

Southern Baptist missionaries in China.


Sophie Stephens Lanneau

1880 ~ 1963

Southern Baptist missionary in China.


Charlotte "Lottie" Diggs Moon

1840 ~ 1912

Revered Southern Baptist missions mobilizer and missionary in China.


Issachar Jacox Roberts

1802 ~ 1871

Baptist missionary in China and supporter of the Taiping Rebellion.


Jehu Lewis and Henrietta Hall Shuck

1814 ~ 1863

First U.S. Baptist missionaries in China.


Yang Qing

Dates unkown

The first Chinese pastor of the Baptist church in China, pioneer and foundation-layer.


Matthew Tyson Yates

1819 ~ 1988

Pioneer Southern Baptist missionary to China enduring opposition and surviving the Taiping Rebellion to build a productive ministry.


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