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The Presbyterian Board of America transferred two of their missionaries from Singapore to China, in 1843. It had four great centers. Guangzhou was entered in 1845, but it was sixteen years before they were able to baptise the first convert to Christianity. A medical hospital was a very important factor in the work of the Mission. Missions in Macao and Hainan were sustained from this center. Hospital work had been a prominent feature in this Mission. Dr. Peter Parker commenced a hospital in 1835, which was transferred to this society in 1854, and placed under the care of Dr. John G. Kerr. The Central Mission had five main centers which branched out in many directions. These included Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, [[Fuzhou], and Anqing. At Shanghai the extensive printing operations of the Society were carried on. These comprised not only several presses which were constantly at work, but a foundry where seven sizes of Chinese type, besides English, Korean, Manchu, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek and others, were cast. There was also complete apparatus for electrotyping and engraving. Much translation work had been done by this Society, and hand books of Christian history and doctrine prepared by it were in use on most of the Protestant missions in China. The Shantung Mission extends from the capital city, Chi-nan-foo, northwards to Yantai, and had many stations which reported about three thousand members in 1890. The Pekin Mission was of latest date, and was doing much work in diffusing throughout a wide district a knowledge of the Gospel by its proclamation to the vast numbers who crowded from all the surrounding regions to the imperial city. The totals of the mission in 1890 were, forty-eight missionaries, eighteen lady agents, twenty-three ordained native pastors, eighty-four unordained native helpers, and nearly four thousand communicants.


Eleanor Chestnut

1868 ~ 1905

Medical missionary in China.


Hunter Corbett

1835 ~ 1920

Pioneer Presbyterian missionary in Shandong Province, China.


William Clifton Dodd

1857 ~ 1919

Missionary evangelist of the Presbyterian Church USA and explorer who played a key role in the expansion of Protestant missions from northern Thailand into southern China.


John Marshall Willoughby Farnham

1830 ~ 1917

North American Presbyterian missionary.


Frank Patrick Gilman

1853 ~ 1918

Pioneer Presbyterian missionary to Hainan, China.


James Robert Graham III

1898 ~ 1982

American Presbyterian missionary in China and Taiwan.


Andrew P. Happer

1818 ~ 1894

Presbyterian minister, medical doctor, educator, and missionary in China.


James Curtis Hepburn

1815 ~ 1911

Missionary to China and Japan.


Asher Raymond Kepler

1879 ~ 1942

First general secretary of the Church of Christ in China.


John Glasgow Kerr

1824 ~ 1901

American Presbyterian medical missionary in China.


Eliza Ellen Leonard

1866 ~ 1924

American medical missionary, formerly of the American Presbyterian Mission, Beijing (Peking), later a member of the medical staff of Shantung (Shandong) Christian University at Jinan (Tsinan).


William Alexander Parsons Martin

1827 ~ 1916

American Presbyterian missionary in China.


Calvin Wilson Mateer

1836 ~ 1908

Pioneer Presbyterian missionary in Shandong province and founder of the first Christian college in China.


Henry M. McCandliss

1859 ~ 1931

Pioneer medical missionary to Hainan, China.


Margaret Rae Melrose

1868 ~ 1951

Presbyterian missionary to Hainan Island, China.


Wilson Plumer Mills

1883 ~ 1959

Recipient of the Order of the Green Jade in recognition of his work in Nanking during World War II.


Mary Margaret Moninger

1891 ~ 1950

American Presbyterian missionary educator and botanist in China.


John Livingston Nevius

1829 ~ 1893

American Presbyterian missionary in China best known for the Nevius method of church planting that shaped the growth of the Protestant church in Korea.


Harriet Newell Noyes

1845 ~ 1924

American Presbyterian missionary and educator in China.


Francis Wilson Price

1895 ~ 1974

Presbyterian missionary in China who established the Rural Training Center and served as China's advocate in America during World War II.

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Matilda Calder Thurston

1875 ~ 1958

Missionary, teacher, and founder of Ginling College, China.


John Elias Williams

1871 ~ 1927

Presbyterian missionary devoted to higher education who contributed to the development of the University of Nanking.


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