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"American Episcopal Church [Mission]" or "American Church Mission", in full "Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA", in Chinese, simply, "Meiguo Shenggonghui". Its headquarter was in NewYork. In 1835, it started to send missionaries (Henry Lockwood and F. R. Hanson) to Guangdong, China. Later, in 1842, Bishop Boone to Xiamen.

Huang Guangcai

1827 ~ 1886

The first Chinese clergyman of the American Episcopal Church in China.


Huang Su’e

For forty years, an inspiring teacher and leader of church-work among women in Shanghai and Jiangsu.


Wu Hongyu

1834 ~ 1919

An early well-known minister of the American Episcopal Church in China, who made a major contribution to his church and to the contextualization of Christianity in China.


Yan Yongjing

1838 ~ 1898

Chinese translator, professor, social reformer, and pastor who was instrumental in the founding of Central China University and St. John's College.


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