Guidelines for Researchers and Writers

In preparing a biographical story for inclusion in the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity, please insure that you include information on as many of the following categories as possible. The author should integrate this information into a concise article, with short paragraphs, between 200 and 1,500 words in length. 

(The guidelines below are adapted from the Dictionary of African Christian Biography author guidelines.)

  1. Given name(s) of subject. As necessary, provide explanations.

    • Pinyin (surname first)
    • Characters
    • Western name
    • Other (Wade-Giles, dialect)
    • Pseudonyms, Pen names
  2. Family of subject. When there is more than one spouse, list the children under the appropriate mother or father.

    • Kinship group, clan
    • Father, father's family members
    • Mother, mother's family members
    • Spouse(s), spouse's family members
    • Children
    • Grandchildren
  3. Life story.

    • Date or approximate date, place, and circumstances of birth and of death
    • Formative experiences: honors, visions, illness, misfortunes, social trauma
    • Courtship, marriage, homes, relations with in-laws
    • Education, degrees (including dates)
    • Conversion (may include date) and discipleship/spiritual formation
    • Calling to ministry or vocation (may include date of ordination)
  4. Nationality/citizenship, ethnolinguistic group.

  5. Languages: first, second, third, etc.

  6. Faith tradition.

    • Protestant (including independent Chinese-initiated, Pentecostal and charismatic, etc.)
    • Roman Catholic
    • Orthodox
    • Nestorian
    • Other
  7. Names, locations, and descriptions of churches or other organizations the Subject founded, served in or was a member of, with dates of involvement.

  8. Ministry/career details: Where? How long? What happened? Close associates of the subject? Short-term and long-term impact? (This is the heart of the biography. Please provide detailed information wherever possible, including anecdotes, stories, direct quotations, special life verses, obituary and eulogies.)

  9. Publications, reports, writings, letters, musical compositions, artistic contributions by the subject; artifacts or sites (with address and directions) associated with the subject.

  10. Continuing influence and significance of the subject.

  11. Sources of information.

    A. Unpublished

    • Diary, photos, correspondence, maps, diagrams, and documents
    • Eyewitness accounts (give names and addresses of storytellers; include details of their relationship to the subject)
    • Oral and anecdotal information (give names and addresses of storytellers; include details of their relationship to the subject)

    B. Published (include full bibliographic data wherever possible)
    • Book: title, author, publisher with location, year of publication (original and later editions)
    • Chapter within a book: title, author of the chapter, title of the book, editor and full publication data
    • Article in periodical: title, author, periodical title, date, and range of the page numbers
    • News reports: name of media, head-line, date, pages
    • Websites: full link and date accessed.

Submission of Stories

  1. Submit stories to the BDCC managing editor (editor[@]bdcconline[.]net). For proper credit to be given to you as a contributor, please include:
    • Your name and address
    • Name and address of institution(s) with which you are affiliated, and your title.
    • Name(s) of other individual(s) responsible for research.

  2. All stories submitted will be edited at the discretion of GCC staff to conform to the Guidelines.

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